Have you ever experienced a Miracle?

A miracle is an act of God that only God can do. It is, as some say, a “God-thing.” Our prayer for this Campaign is that together we will experience a “Miracle.” And that is why we are aiming for the Miracle Goal of $3.4 million. Why? Because that will enable us to carry out the mission in Urbana, in Frederick, and throughout the world that we feel called to, and we will be able to pay off our facility in full so we can do more mission in the future. We want to Multiply the Gospel, in our neighborhood, in our community, and in the world.

But a Miracle can only come from God. It has to be “His” doing. And that’s why we want to go deeper with God than ever before. We want to hear His voice, follow His lead, and trust His provision. And if we do that, if we lean on God and step out in faith, He will work.

He Will Provide:

He will plant this new campus in Frederick through us.

He will help us minister to the poorest of the poor in Egoli.

He will begin a new gospel work among an unreached people who will be unreached no more.

He will pay off our Facility in full so we can use the $1.5 million we save to do more mission.

And if this takes place through us it will be because God did a “thing” in us—a “God-thing”—and this will indeed be a Miracle—and it will be all to His glory! Together, let’s Multiply the Gospel and make the great name of our God known!

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